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Our story

In 2004, Vanessa Machenaud Dousset and Jean-Charles Durand created their own company Côté Salons and have, little by little, become experts in the needlecraft field.
The first stage of this story started with  the creation in February 2004 of l’Aiguille en Fête, the Paris consumer show for needlecrafts.  During the past 10 year, this key event has been federating professionals and consumers, who recognise Côté Salons’ experience and knowledge in the needlecraft market.
Then came the time for the organisers to set up a trade show that would respond to the demand that they got from their exhibitors. Aiguille en Fête trade show was created in 2010.

Now, Aiguille en Fête version pro is named AEF PRO PARIS. This international needlecraft and hobby trade show opens the range of products represented at the show including complementary sectors such as scrapbooking, beads, home decoration items, packaging… allowing exhibitors to present a wider range of their products and answer the market needs.

Our team

Co-founder and managing director
Vanessa Machenaud Dousset

Co-founder and president
Jean-Charles Durand

Sales manager
Valérie Felli

Administrative manager
Catherine Richard

Development Rep.
Iona Urtizverea Sztykman
Communication and visitors
Stéphanie Schadeck


Côté Salons
5, rue de Charonne
75011 Paris

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Mail: [email protected]

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